About BFKings

We are the BFKings

BFKings started when our owner Jack got grabbed by the ear and pulled into his grandfather’s shop at the age of 11. His grandfather taught Jack that no matter what, the best way to get something done was to get the tools you need and then do it yourself! Today at the age of 32, Jack is at his blacksmith shop, 6 days a week, doing what he loves and keeping true to his grandfather’s life work. With the help of his grandfathers blacksmithing experience and his sons (Caleb) experience in creating websites, my father Jack was able to help out his fellow blacksmiths in getting them the tools they need, teaching them more about the craft and learning from them as well.

If you are looking to see what we recommend for tools, then click here to find them on our homepage… Or were you looking for some training videos or even a way to say “hi” by contacting us? Lastly, if you have a question then our FAQ’s may help or our sitemap to get around the site.