Best Blacksmith Anvil for Sale

Choosing A Blacksmith Anvil

From the time man first began to work metals and emerge into a civilized status, there had to be a solid, immoveable object to resist the blow of a hammer to forge and steel. Everything civilization requires came from the face of an Anvil.

Anvils have come in all shapes and sizes since civilization began. Today, the blacksmith anvil, or forging anvil, is strategically sized and fitted to suit all your needs as a blacksmith.

Finding the best anvil for sale isn’t easy because you need to know the specific features to look for. Having the right anvil is essential for your success as a blacksmith.


What’s The Best Anvil?

blacksmith anvilAre you new to blacksmithing? Or, is it time you need a new anvil? We’ve all been there before.

Regardless if you’re just starting out or have been smithing for years, you’re going to have two choices in anvils:

Forged or Cast.

Forged anvils and tools are regarded as very durable and last a long time.

The next best anvil for blacksmithing is the cast tool steel anvil. When the cast tool steel is created by top manufacturers, it can be compared to the best forged. This along makes the cast tool steel a choice for the best blacksmith anvil for sale.


What Size of Anvil Should You Choose?

Do you find yourself working on all different types of jobs, big and small, on a daily basis? Not sure to get a heavy or light anvil?

Do not make the mistake that most blacksmiths have already made. That is, purchase an anvil that is too light in weight. You’re going to want the heaviest blacksmith anvil you can find.


Of course there are other factors, such as the scale of your work and portability. If you know before you buy an anvil that most of your work is going to be light forging, then a small anvil is a great choice.

A few smiths need to move their anvil to the job. They also need to move it from storage to work space. Portability becomes a huge factor here and having a lighter blacksmith anvil is the way to go if that’s you.

Now, those that do heavy work should get a heavy anvil over 200 pounds. The main objective should be to buy what you can afford.

If your budget allows for a 500 pound anvil, then pull the trigger on that 500 pounder! Don’t hold back, go for it!


What’s Next?

There’s a lot that goes into finding the best anvil for blacksmithing. Consider what you need the most and what you have set aside for your budget.

The jobs you do on a daily basis will dictate what type of anvil you need. I’ll say this, once you make the decision and buy a good one, you’ll thank yourself over and over.

Have you thought about blacksmith punches? Do you know what they are? Once you find out how it’s changed our way of working, I know you’ll be better off too!


24-Pound Grizzly Anvil

When I was just starting to get into blacksmithing, I purchased this anvil as one of my first tools and I am impressed! I primarily got into forging to start making small knives and so far, the anvil is still working perfectly for those smaller projects.

It is 24 pounds, so on the smaller and lighter side of anvil options which is perfect for small projects like I do. I love that it is light enough to be portable. I did not have a legitimate workshop set up when I got this, so I often moved my tools from one place or another to do my work. I appreciate that this is small enough to be easily maneuvered.

That being said, it is not so light that it moves around when in use. I actually find that this anvil stays in place perfectly when I am hammering on it. This was a big concern of mine and I am happy to report that I have had no problems with the anvil moving around.

I have used this for over a year now and have crafted over 100 knives and smaller tools on it. It has not made any dents in the metal which tells me that it was crafted from high quality materials and was built to stand up to intense hammering and heat.

I imagine that heavier use could result in denting of this anvil, but since this anvil wasn’t made for heavy use, it would only be an issue if someone used it improperly.

I would recommend purchasing this if you are someone who is just getting into forging and planning to do hobby sized projects. Not sure if this is a heavy enough option for hard core blacksmiths working on large scale pieces (like 55Lbs one below this).

This is an excellent starter anvil, no complaints and I absolutely recommend it.

Grizzly G7065 Anvil, 24-Pound


Happybuy Single Horn Anvil 55Lbs

If you are in search of the perfect anvil for forging or any other type of metal work, your search stops here. I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger and purchase this anvil because you really never know the quality of something that you purchase online, but I sure am glad that I did.

This anvil is 55 pounds and I find that to be the perfect size and weight for most of the forging work that I do, it is even large enough to forge swords on, although I haven’t tried that yet.

I am always looking to strike the right balance and it appears I have found it with this anvil. The working surface is perfectly sized to handle most of the everyday work that I do with it.

There is one round horn and one flat horn on this anvil and the surface area is fully polished and smooth. I am seriously impressed with the quality and durability of this anvil.

I have been using this product for some time now and it shows no signs of wear or denting which is a common problem I have encountered with anvils in the past. Some anvils just don’t have the hard surface required, but this one does.

This anvil has a nice, sustained ring to it which tells me that it was crafted well and out of quality materials.

I would recommend this anvil to anyone who forges for a hobby or who is just getting started in forging and is working on some small projects. This anvil gives a lot of bang for its buck and you would be hard pressed to find another anvil of similar quality.

Happybuy Single Horn Anvil 55Lbs


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