Best Blacksmith Gloves for Sale

Why Blacksmiths Need to Invest in a Good Pair of Blacksmithing Gloves

Your hands are everything to you as a blacksmith. We all know there are potential risks involved when working with iron and steel, but how do we keep our hands safe?

Besides doing great work, keeping your hands safe should be your number one priority.

Most likely, protecting your hands with blacksmith gloves has probably crossed your mind a time or two.

Before you search around and try to find the best blacksmithing gloves for sale, understand that there are many opinions about the use of blacksmith gloves. trying to find the best blacksmithing gloves for sale

There are many professional blacksmith’s out there that will tell you to never wear gloves, while others with years of experience will prove to you that gloves are worth every penny.

We’ll give you facts about what to look for in a glove, proper fit, and when to not to use a glove!

The important thing is, we think every blacksmith should invest in a good pair of gloves.

Finding the Best Blacksmithing Gloves for Sale

If you’re looking around for the best gloves for blacksmithing, start by looking for leather. Stay away from anything that has a mesh backing or polyester to it.

The reason for this is anything hot that hits the polyester is going to melt, and melting plastic will stick to your skin. That could lead to a bad day at the office.

With that being said, it’s safe to say, stick with leather!

Now, there are two types of leathers you need to look out for when looking for blacksmith gloves. Those are top grain leather and suede leather (split cowhide).

Top grain leather is slick and supple. This is the good stuff. Top grain leather comes from the top of the hide that comes off the cow.

It’s very durable and it’s the toughest portion. The best blacksmithing gloves will have top grain leather on the palm of the glove.

Suede leather, or split cowhide, is not nearly as tough as the top grain leather, but is found mostly on the top of a blacksmith glove. You’ll know its suede by the fuzzy texture.

The higher end gloves are full top grain leather. These blacksmith gloves provide the best durability and flexibility so you can perform just about anything.

When to Wear Gloves for Blacksmithing

For blacksmithing purposes, you can pretty much get away with wearing a glove whenever you want to, and you probably should to avoid injuries and scars.

We all know injuries happen, and that’s the risk we take being blacksmiths. However, if you can prevent these things from happening then why not invest in a good pair of gloves?

When Should You Not Wear Blacksmith Gloves?


When you’re forging, a lot of people use one glove on their left hand. The right hand is free so you can use the hammer freely – this allows for you to use the hammer for a longer period of time than with a glove on.

Machine Tools

Never wear a glove when working with machine tools. General rule – if the machine has a wheel on it, don’t wear gloves. These can include drill presses, lathes, and milling machines.

Gloves are pieces of cloth, and the cloth can get stuck in a wheel at any moment. If you’re ever in need of an extra grip, get some vice grips.

Gloves Can Keep You Safe and Help You Perform

Investing in a good pair of blacksmithing gloves is something you should consider. Besides the heavy machine tools, you can use them for pretty much anything.

Gloves will help protect your hands from sparks, give you an extra grip when you need it and having them on will provide safety in general.

If you’re not sure which gloves to choose from, we’ll help you find the best blacksmithing gloves for sale that many blacksmiths are using today!


RAPICCA Leather Blacksmith Gloves

As a blacksmith who deals with extremely hot temperatures on a daily basis, I can tell you that these gloves passed the test. I have used these gloves multiple times now and have not felt the heat once.

These gloves are made with high quality leather that is meant to withstand temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. The manufacturer or these gloves managed to maintain comfort on the inside while still providing superior protection on the outside.

One of my favorite features of these gloves is the length. They are 16 inches long, so they cover the majority of my forearm and protects it from any rogue debris that may shoot up.

After using shorter gloves for years, I can tell you that the extra length on these gloves are a major positive. It is obvious that RAPICCA put a lot of thought into the design of these gloves and truly designed them with people who work with extreme heat on a regular basis.

Additionally, these gloves are one of the thickest pairs I have ever worn and let me tell you, I have tried many. After using gloves that were not as thick and durable and suffering from burns and injuries, I truly appreciate the thought that went into making these gloves safe.

If you have smaller hands, these gloves may be a tad large, but they are perfect for a bigger guy like myself. The leather is a bit stiff at first, but I found that it really softened up and molded to my hands after just one or two uses.

If you are a blacksmith like me and are in the market for a great pair of gloves to protect your hands in even the most extreme temperatures, you’ve got to give this pair a try.

RAPICCA Leather Blacksmith Gloves
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