Best Blacksmith Hammers for Sale

Why A Blacksmith Hammer Is Essential

Being a blacksmith requires a unique set of skills and tools to give you the best return on your investment. Research is key when considering the right tools for blacksmithing. It is best to invest some time into finding the best blacksmith hammer for sale.

Blacksmith hammers will be a very important part of your work, and you’ll need a strong, reliable set of hammers to be successful.


Finding the Best Blacksmith Hammer for Sale

Are you looking at all the different types of blacksmith hammers to get the job done but don’t have a clue where to start or which one is best for you? You may have a starter hammer set right now, but maybe you need something heavier, stronger or more durable for the type of jobs you’re doing.

Blacksmithing can be a tough job at times, and it can become even harder when you don’t have the right tools available to get the job done right.

Blacksmith HammerThe good thing is, there are people all around the world with extensive skills in blacksmithing, who know the right tools and processes needed to give you the most enjoyable as well as productive blacksmithing experience. Learning from others’ experiences can help you know what to look for when searching for the best blacksmith hammer for sale.


Why You Need A Blacksmith Hammer to Be Successful

Is it time to take the leap and purchase a powerful hammer? These hammers are no joke, and are designed with the blacksmith in mind to include long lasting strength and durability to get you through the toughest jobs.

It can be quite costly to have a blacksmith hammer that isn’t up to par for your work. You could find yourself spending money to replace broken hammers and just not getting the work done as fast as you’d like.

For example, you could be performing light-duty work on relatively delicate pieces that don’t require much force, but when it comes time for a heavier job, your current choice in hammer doesn’t quite stand up to the test.

Types Of Blacksmith Hammers Continuing to use the smaller, lighter hammer will be great for the smaller jobs, but it may be time to look into an additional hammer to allow you to take on the bigger jobs. Like wrenches and fishing rods, you can never have too many hammers, just make sure you have the right one for your particular job.  It’s always best to have multiple options available to accommodate any type of job.


What Types Of Blacksmith Hammers Are Out There?

There are many, many kinds of hammers for blacksmiths, varying in weight, size and type.

The type of hammer you choose for a particular job will depend on the requirements for that job.


Weight and Size

While there are many instances in which you will need a large and heavy hammer, such as when you need to smash or flatten a large piece of metal, but generally most jobs will be pieces requiring you to work with only about 2” diameter at any given time. In these instances, you will want a hammer that allows more control as opposed to force.

It’s best to find a weight that you find to be the most comfortable, considering the amount of time you will be consistently swinging. You want a hammer that allows a substantial amount of force without killing your arm.

Hammers are weighted by grams, in which the conversion is 1 gram = 0.0022 pounds, so a 3lb  blacksmith hammer will weigh approximately 1,360 grams.



From ball pein, cross pein, and sledges, there is an abundance of different types of hammers available to blacksmiths. The type of hammer you choose will primarily be based on the nature of the work you plan to do.

abundance of different types of hammers


When you’re looking to quickly flatten or move a lot of metal, a sledge (Typically 1,300 to 4,000 grams with a shorter handle tends to do the trick).



Most jobs require far less force and more control and this can be achieved with a smaller, lighter hammer with a shape that matches the size of impression you would like to make in the metal. Overall, accuracy in your blows will be more worthwhile than repairing an inaccurate strike.

The origin and manufacturer of the hammer will vary as well. For example, the country of origin, such as Japan, Germany, or France can make a difference in the way it is manufactured. Most typically just have aesthetic differences to their build but generally serve the same purpose.

The most important aspect will be the your personal comfort preference and skill as a blacksmith. Whatever style fits your preference the most will be the best for you.


Picard Blacksmith hammer 3.307 lb Swedish pattern of ash

If you are looking for a reliable midsize blacksmith hammer, this is a great option.

This hammer has a firmly attached handle and has been the right size for me.

In the past, I have tried hammers of many sizes and makes. It was hard to find the right weight to give me the control I was looking for, but this one is just right.

The striking face has the right hardness for the type of work that I do, and it seems to hold up well for the slightly heavier jobs.

This hammer has been my favorite in this weight class. If you need a solid build in a hammer a little on the heavier side, this one is perfect for you!

Picard also has other size and weight options available for an array of blacksmith jobs.

Picard Blacksmith hammer 3.307 lb Swedish pattern of ash

Next Steps

When choosing the best hammer for your blacksmithing work, it is important to know that the most crucial factors will be weight, size and your personal preference. I recommend picking up several hammers so you will always have the right hammer for the right job. You’ll be glad you made the right choice.

No blacksmith assembly is complete with only hammers. If you haven’t already, check out what we have to say about these anvils. It has been very beneficial to us and I know it will be for you too!



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