Best Blacksmith Tongs for Sale

How Tongs Are a Blacksmith’s Bread and Butter

Being a blacksmith requires you to have a unique set of tools to maximize your performance when working in the shop. That is why you should take the time to search long and hard to find the best blacksmith tongs for sale.

Blacksmith tongs will be your bread and butter. You will need a strong set of tongs to complete different types of jobs on a daily basis. Having the right tool at the right time is essential for your success.

Finding The Best Blacksmith Tongs For Sale

Are you finding yourself short on all the different types of tongs when trying to get a particular job done? Maybe you have a nice starter set, but need something longer, heavier or even lighter.

It is not easy being a blacksmith, that is for sure. It becomes more difficult when you are lacking the right, or even best tongs for blacksmithing.

We have all had a shortage of tools at one time in our careers. However, with more experience comes knowledge. The knowledge of knowing what to look for. The wisdom of learning from others to show you the best blacksmith tongs for sale, why you need them and proper uses.

hot steel with tongsWhy You Need Blacksmith Tongs To Succeed

Are you finally ready to take the next step and get a dynamic set of tongs? We are talking high quality blacksmith tongs that will help you get through anything.

It is dangerous not having the right set of tongs when you need to pick up a hot piece of metal over and over again.

Maybe you are just starting out and not sure what types of tongs are used for certain types of situations.

For example, you could be needing a light pair of tongs. Although lighter tongs are not useful for heavy forging, they are great for all those odd jobs where you can handle hot pieces of metal that may be at a larger cross section.

These tongs are not being placed under any type of strain and you are at no risk of the piece flying out of the piece of tongs because you will have a solid grip on the metal.

Looking for some smaller tongs? Flat bit tongs are handy.blacksmithing tongs for forge

Flat bits are like the blacksmiths version of needle nose pliers. They can fit into small areas where other tongs can not. They are great for handling small pieces of work.

Box jaw tongs are a similar version of the flat bits. The edges are curved up to fit around a given stock size. Having box jaw tongs can be like having a flat bit, but they are slightly modified and can be handier for bigger pieces of work.

It is always best practices to use tongs that wrap around the piece because that provides the most stability when forging. With that said, there are instances where you will need to fit inside smaller areas.

Either way, knowing what the best blacksmith tongs are can really help you have the right tool at the right time. You will always run into situations where you all need different sizes. So, investing in the best tongs for blacksmithing can really make your work day more efficient.


450mm (18″) V-Bit Bolt Blacksmith Tongs

I purchased these tongs after searching around for a great pair of forging tongs and I am seriously impressed. I mainly work with railroad spikes making knives and this product claimed to have the perfect grip for railroad spikes and it does!

I find this tool incredibly easy to use and I love the way the tongs grip the railroad spikes without me having to constantly adjust or having my hand cramp up from straining to keep a good grip.

Another great quality of these tongs is their ability to withstand extreme heat. This tool was designed for blacksmiths. I have used my tongs several times now and they show no signs of distress under extreme heat conditions.

When it comes to the length of this set, I find it to be perfect for most of my forging tasks from putting the metal to the flame to holding the railroad spike steady as I use my hammer. These tongs are multi-functional making them the ideal blacksmithing tool.

At around two pounds in weight, it doesn’t add any extra heft to your working hands which I appreciate. I’ve used bulkier and heavier bolt tongs in the past that have been so heavy, that frequent breaks were required to allow my hands a rest.

These tongs are also great for holding round, flat and square stock. I personally work mostly with railroad spikes, but I have used them for working with stock and have no complaints about their ability to properly grip and hang onto the stock.

If you do any kind of forging, this set of tongs is one that you need in your tool belt. It’s multipurpose and extremely durable making it the perfect tool.

450mm (18") V-Bit Bolt Blacksmith Tongs



1.102 Lbs Flat Nosed Blacksmith Tongs

I was in search of a good flat nosed tongs to be my go-to in the shop and I stumbled upon this one and I am glad I did!

There is nothing I hate more as a blacksmith than having tools with a poor grip or bite. There is nothing like dropping a 2000 degree piece of hot steel on your foot because your tongs have a poor bite. These tongs do not have that problem, once you grab a piece of steel, they hang to it-no need to squeeze until your hand goes numb.

This product is multi-functional in a blacksmithing shop. I use them for several different things from picking up a rogue piece of metal off the ground to putting something into the fire. I appreciate a good multi-use tool that has several purposes instead of reaching for a new tool every time I need to perform another task.

Additionally, the hand grip area is solid and feels nice and secure in my hands.

I have been using this tong for a few months now and there are no signs of melting, warping or any other damage that I have experienced with tongs in the past. These were crafted to withstand extreme heat without every compromising on performance.

This tong is somehow very lightweight despite its extreme durability. When you are gripping heavy pieces of metal, it is nice to not have any added heft in your hand from the weight of the tool.

If you are a blacksmith looking for a multi-purpose pair of tongs that you will reach for often, you will not be disappointed with this pair.

1.102 Lbs Flat Nosed Blacksmith Tongs

After you are done looking into blacksmith tongs, you may also be interested in the best blacksmith Anvil. You are almost on your way to become master at your craft!


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